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Conduit Ventures Limited


Concierge service provided by IDD UK

  • Restoration
  • Re-framing
  • Logistics
  • Installation



Ecobank Logo

IDD worked closely with Ecobank in creating an exciting and well thought-out collection of contemporary artworks by African artists, working to a specific brief and providing sound advice on the artistic direction the collection should take. Tailored to suit its budget and timescales.

Ecobank was created on alliance between major African investors and has grown into a world class Pan-African bank. Its presence in over 32 countries in Africa indicate its commitment to developing markets, local economies and sustainability, whilst maintaining world-class standards.

Brand Communication (BC) UK


We let our work speak for itself and continue to enhance the importance of art as a valuable means of communication, commodity and an important aspect of life.Brand Communication (BC) is a young, independent and international company run by creative and culturally diverse people. Specialising not only in branding but also TV, print inter alia. As a creative, BC appreciatiate the importance of Art as a valuable commodity and for its aesthetic value.We at IDD ensure that our tailor-made service to clients and choice of  art pieces reflect our client’s corporate image.